Fall (cont'd)

I know a few weeks ago I mentioned it was officially fall because I had made apple crisp.

Really, it was officially fall because the calendar said so, along with the leaves falling (I almost wrote trees falling), rain descending (at home that definitely means fall), the shortening of the days, and a multitude of other occurences.

I have come across further proof that fall is upon us, well it's beyond that, it's in midswing.

Egg nog.

That's right. The thick delicious drink previously associate with the holidays (aka winter) has become a fall staple due to commercial America's realization that there was money to be made. That's what the American dream is about, isn't in?!

To get back to egg nog, I'm pretty excited. My favorite espresso drink of choice is an egg nog latte (preferably cut with nonfat milk so I can pretend that I am trying to lower my cholesterol - I'll explain that one at a later date).

I spend much of the rest of the year mourning the fact that egg nog is not there to take part in my latte.

So for the next few months, I will celebrate.

Here's to you, egg nog.

As a side note:
I also made apple butter (with my mom) and homemade oatmeal molasses bread (with my dad), and it was good. (This felt like another fall activity.)

(And yes, I am so cool that my primary interactions are with my parents and their dogs.)

(Sorry for the overuse of parentheses.)

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