Energy I'm not sure I ever had.

I spent last night with my friend Tre and her volleyball team. A volleyball team that is comprised of a baker's dozen of 13-, 14-, and 15-year-olds.

It was a decade ago that I was going through my freshman year of high school. And I had forgotten just what being a freshman meant.

They were great girls - high energy, short attention spans, and a desire to have you care and pay attention to them. They also provided us with about five hours of entertainment. Here's my favorite quote from the night:

"There are only six days in the week." (awkward pause as we all stare in disbelief)
"Oh wait, I forgot Saturday. That why I always say I didn't do anything when people ask me about my Saturday."

Tre and I still aren't sure whether or not she was serious.

I had also forgotten that this time of the year means homecoming, until they whipped out their phones and started passing around pictures of their dresses. It so funny to see how priorities change.

So there's my Friday night adventure.

On a totally different note:

I have made it back to the Evergreen state. And I got to experience my first day of driving in the snow of the season. I was so out of practice I really needed it. 1200-ish miles and 17 hours later, I am getting close to where I started.

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