I'm Off to See the Wizard

Not really. Actually, I'm off to get my car back.

When I completed the neverending internship (no, that doesn't make sense) at the end of August, I decided to leave my car there. I could see myself working and living there and decided not to drive the car back on the off chance someone wanted to hire me.

No such luck. And I'm tired of not having my car. So off to the land off the Rockies I go.

I'm gonna hang, catch up with friends and get my crap organized for a few days, and then will slowly make my way home.

There's not much of a plan. I might stop by Yellowstone, but the stories of women killed out hiking by themselves keep flashing through my mind, and my mom already informed me I wasn't allowed to stay in a cabin by myself.

I still think I might drive a different way than I did with Dad in January. Freeway is boring, as is most of Wyoming.

I hope to catch up with some friends along the way, and I will be seeing my sister's play. Since I'm footloose and fancy free, I thought I should make the most of the trip. Maybe even catch a barn dance. That's right a barn dance.

I'll let you know what actually comes to pass. Hopefully along the way. If we're lucky, I might even snap a few pictures.

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