Things of note

I wanted to pass on a few interesting news stories/columns that I came across today.

I have a good story or two to share from last night, but for now, I'm just posting these.

The stories are entertaining to say the least, but I want to make sure I do them justice.

Greek team to make $erio$ run at LeBron after 2010 season

Just imagine how the landscape of professional basketball could potentially change if this happened. Maybe someday there will even be a real world championship. That would be pretty sweet.

And because the Olympics are quickly approaching...

Secret's out about Beijing Games opening ceremonies

We're just five days away from the opening ceremonies. They aren't necessarily my favorite part of the games - I mean, the parade of nations seems to just drag on - but it's exciting to know the Olympics are about to begin.

Life of Reilly

Perhaps my favorite sports columnist even, Rick Reilly sheds some light on the national anthems for a number of different countries with his usual humor.

Up a mountain, Olympic dreams are carved

First of all, this writer, Greg Bishop, has done some great stories on wrestling. Second, the incline is something I've endured. Seriously, it's intense. Oh, and I just barely missed the record time. Right.

I promise, later today or tomorrow, you will get a little tidbit from last night. You'll just have to wait.

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  1. Sounds like you have a good researcher for these articles???
    Love, Dad