Parental Units

My parents' birthdays were yesterday and today. Within a week of mine...the end of July is kind of an exciting time in the family.

It's also an expensive time.

So what can I say about my parents...first of all, I've been pretty blessed. I know that not everyone has great parents. And I am thankful.

So to commemorate this day, or rather these days, I thought I'd share a little something about each of my parents. I'll try to make it good.


Oh man, where to start. My father makes me laugh about as easily as anyone I know. Let me replay a recent phone conversation with him just to give you an idea. Oh, if you don't get sarcasm easily, you might not find this funny.

(We were discussing a wedding he went to, sort of)
Dad: You mother made a peach pie, she was practicing being submissive.
Mom (in background): Yeah, right.
Me: Was that emphasized at the wedding?
Dad: Quite a bit. That and not nagging your husband.
Me: Really?
Dad: Yes. All women nag a lot.
Me: I know. I'm one of the biggest naggers ever.
Dad: Yeah, but men don't nag at all. They are too busy loving their wives as Christ loved the Church.

Recently my dad also told me, after my mom mentioned she was praying that I would find a job, that he was just praying for grandchildren. And that I didn't need to worry about a husband.

He kills me.

He's also taught me to see the humor in everything, and not to be afraid to poke fun at myself.


My mother also has a great sense of humor and we've had some ridiculous conversations, but that's not what comes to mind first when I think of her.

If you really want to get to know my mom, just visit her blog. A Word About Words That's pretty much who she is.

My mother and I are pretty much opposites in a lot of ways, and that means sometimes we drive each other nuts. There have been times when I have driven her nuts.

For example, in high school and middle school my response to the question,"how was your day today?" was without fail, "pretty good."

And my mother is a talker, so I think sometimes she wasn't quite sure what to do with me. Getting me to open up and share, especially when I was younger, was like pulling teeth.

But from my mother, I've learned to be a better communicator. While, I will never instinctually open up, I am much better about talking about myself than I used to be. Believe it or not.

My mother is one of the major reasons why.

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