Haphazard Notions

I've been busy in the Windy City the past couple days and have a lot of things flying through my head. So I'm going to share a few with you.

I'll catch you up on the Windy City when I get back and can include some pictures for your enjoyment because I actually managed to take some.

For now...you get this:
  • I have recently rediscovered games such as Text Twist and Bookworm on Yahoo!. I am also re-addicted.
  • I cannot and will not ever be in a marathon. For many reasons. Those Olympian marathoners run faster than I got for fifteen minutes. Craziness.
  • In two weeks I will be unemployed. I am looking forward to a bit of a break, especially since this is the first year I haven't had a summer, but after a week or two of freedom the lack of work is going to make me antsy and nervous. Of that I'm sure.
  • The Olympians from the Organization of People in Spandex have no been incredibly victorious at the games so far, but half of our athletes are left so I'm holding out hope.
  • I have eaten some great food over the past couple days. Pizza, pasta, popcorn, pretty much anything starting with a "P." And some other stuff that didn't.
  • There seem to be about a million (or a billion) volunteers for the Olympians. Towel holders, gum scrapers, sign holders. You name it, they exist.
  • One of the marathoners has a rat tail. I don't even know what to say.
  • I think fourth place may be one of the worst. To be that close to a medal. Well, last is still pretty bad.
  • I am loser for my age. I've won no medals, earned no money (not big-time at least). Pretty much I need to get my act together.
Okay, I realize that many of these thoughts aren't all that impressive. Sorry. But I'm feeling a little ADD.

I totally used a thesaurus to come up with my title today. You call it lame. I call it resourceful.

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