A night of wonders

Yesterday evening was pretty wonderful.

I got to horseback riding for the first time since May. I'm even a little sore today and it feels wonderful.

I got to hang out with friends while enjoying pizza and ice cream.

And I had the most entertaining storm experience of my life.

I was dropping my friends off at their cars when it started raining. Hard. We decided to try to wait it out.

It - it being the weather - preceded to rain harder, lightning and thunder, and hail like mad. Waiting it out turned into an hour and a half experience.

When everyone was finally returned to their cars, I drove down a street that was so flooded the water in the gutters was halfway up the hubcaps of parked cars. And visibility was poor.

The good news, well there are two things.

First, I grew up in the Northwest and am an expert of driving in the rain. It did not faze me.

Second, I got less than a mile north from the training center and the roads were completely dry. Oh crazy Colorado weather.

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