Unfinished Business

I have this tendency in my blogging. I start to blog about some topic, whatever happens to really be on my mind, but then I don't finish.

I started one tonight on things that I fear. The other day I began one on sushi.

But then I lose steam, or can't quite figure out where I'm going, or maybe I just needed to get that out but didn't really want to share it.

Because really, I am not that big on sharing and opening up and spilling my guts. I like the light, sarcastic, impersonal. Not all the time, I can go deep, but rarely do I purposefully expose some part of myself without a lot of deliberation.

Not that I'm calling my blog on sushi an exposure. I just lost my train of thought that night.

Of course, I also end up deleting these unfinished, imperfect blogs. I hate not completing things as well.

I guess you may never know what I have to say about sushi, or what things in this world I am really afraid.

But is that your loss...or mine?

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