Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits

Just as the Olympics ended the Democratic National Convention came to the land of the Rockies.

So I traded NBC for CNN, gold medals for keynote speakers, arenas for...oh wait, the DNC is in an arena, too.

The first two speakers on these first two nights, Michelle Obama yesterday and Hilary Clinton tonight, have definitely started things off well.

My first thought when Hilary took the stage tonight was 'wow, she has a lot of supporters'. The audience stood and applauded her and stood and applauded her and stood and applauded her.

Hilary showed her support for Barack Obama and bashed John McCain. The Pepsi Center was going crazy.

That may have been in part because of the Senator from Montana that stoked the fires like a preacher leading an altar call.

But mostly it was Hilary.

And what a fitting speaker she was on this night. This night that marked the 88th anniversary of women earning the right to vote, a woman spoke that has championed women's rights as long as America has known her.

I'm intrigued to continue following this convention and to watch the Republican National Convention when it takes place next week.

I like to be an informed voter. Plus, I like to see how many sports-related metaphors they use.

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