I think we throw the word 'impossible' around a little too much. I think maybe our vocabulary could use a little alteration, a little more variety.

We've all heard people talk about being able to do the impossible; if you believe, you can achieve; etc., etc.

And it's true. People do the impossible all the time. But that's really because we have the tendency of misusing the word.

Impossible is defined as "not able to occur, exist or be done."

Meaning, literally speaking, impossible things should not happen.

I'm not saying we're stupid as a people, just that we believe what we know more than what might be.

I don't know if you have followed men's gymnastics at all, but they are putting on an amazing performance. And doing it with a team that has less star power (meaning Hamms) than expected.

They may or may not beat China, but it's not impossible just improbable.

So don't stop believing that improbable things can happen. People can smash records by wide margins, underdogs can win, great things can happen.

I am saying that maybe we should get out a thesaurus and make better use of our words.

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