K-Dawg and I had a blast in the Windy City. We walked 'til our feet were tired, ate lots of good food, and just had an overall good time.

Here's a taste of our adventure...

There was a sidewalk chess tournament complete with a super sweet stereo system strung underneath the table. We did not partake.

I don't know if your eye is immediately drawn the sign in the middle, but I saw this and had to take a shot. Talk about sketch...and amusing. Oh cities.

This was the view from the 96th floor of Hancock Tower. We rode up to the Signature Lounge and had an adult beverage. It was a pretty sweet deal considering you have to pay to get up to observation decks in these buildings anyways. The view was amazing.

This is a shot of Soldier's Field, perhaps one of the strangest stadiums that I have ever seen. And I've visited quite a few. It looks like someone dropped a spaceship inside a structure from Rome. Pretty crazy.

The entrance into Chinatown, the second largest in the U.S. behind San Francisco. We'll also visited Little Italy (where we ate a delicious lunch) and Greektown (unfortunately I didn't have time for baklava). Traveling for me is basically all about the food.

The Blue Angels were in town performing for the air and boat show. This event apparently brings something like 2.4 million people to Chicago for the weekend. Of course that count probably includes geniuses like K-Dawg and myself who didn't have a clue what was going on but showed up anyways. It was pretty sweet to be traveling around the city in a double decker bus while these jets zoomed overhead. Right now they are working on a maneuver our tour guide called the breast cancer awareness ribbon.

So that by no means summarizes the entire trip, but at least gives a few highlights of the weekend. I have more pictures (including the famous Bean sculpture), but I figured this post is plenty long enough. If you ever get a chance, I definitely recommend visiting Chicago. It was a lot of fun.

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