Having a Plan

I'm the type of person that likes having a plan. And I grew up with parents who didn't have one, or didn't follow one a lot.

In fact, one birthday my gift was to plan a day for the whole family. I loved it.

So the fact that my life is lacking in a plan is hard to deal. I'm trying to be cool, to go with the flow, but it is not easy.

The lack of plan bugs me on a number of levels. It's not just that I don't have a job. It's that I don't know where, when, or even what I want to do or will end up doing. There are just so many unknown - unplanned - aspects.

If only I could get a little outline. If even just one of those things could be cleared up. I can deal with unemployment if I know it's going to end.

But instead I'm just going to focus on the job hunt and not freaking out.

And planning anything and everything possible.

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