Putting it Off

I have kind of been avoiding blogging. Right now you are probably asking yourself, 'but didn't you just blog yesterday?' I did.

But if you scan the post, you'll see that I didn't say much of anything.

Mostly I've been avoiding it because I feel like I'm waiting.

A job. A life. A direction.

My life is stalled. My days consist of hanging out on the couch with my mom and the novelty of it has worn off.

Granted there are things I could and should be doing. Like, ahem, the Ultimate Sort. It was supposed to start today, this great sort and elimination of my stuff. And by start I mean that I put some clothes away. It's important not to rush the process.

So I'm waiting. The good news is this is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm not talking about it for fear of jinxing the possibility.

And I have some big plans for the coming weeks. House/dogsitting - I'll introduce you to that later. A little more Christmas shopping and preparation. Various schemes that I have cooked up in my spare time, like falling in love with a rich man so I can stop worrying about a job.

Daydreaming is hard work, I don't care what you say.

But mostly I've been and will probably continue to wait. The question is, for what?

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