I opened up my Powerbook today for the first time in months. I got a new Mac in September and since then my old G4 has been sitting on the back of desk unnoticed.

I had forgotten why I felt the need to get a new computer, but my G4 wasted little time in reminding me.

When it first turned on, years after I hit the power button, it informed me that there be some issues because the date was set prior to March 1, 2001. I have no idea what happened March 1, 2001, but apparently it was important.

This, of course, peaked my interest. What did my computer think the date was? December 31, 1969. Before it's birth, before my birth, before quite a few things really.

I carried on though. My first goal: blogging. I had started a post yesterday, but couldn't quite find my muse. I just knew I needed to say something.

Unfortunately, G4 decided that Google was not to be trusted. Didn't have the right paperwork filed or something.

It was quite the process. Let me tell you.

So G4 is possessed and really should go to computer heaven. It served me well and deserves to have all the memory and ram and amazing drives that it can dream of.

Me, I'm just hoping my brother's German project is completed soon so Macbook and I can be reunited.

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