Drift Away

My mom already blogged on our day's adventures here. But given the day, and more specifically, the morning that we had, I can't help share my own version of it.

Let me start by saying that a trip that took me just over six hours on Friday took almost ten hours today. That's right. Ten. Hours.

What happened?! Snowstorm 2008, as my dad said.

The snow itself wasn't that bad. But there was wind, and that means drifts. Only two slowed me down, but it was two too many.

I also managed to get someone into the ditch on the second drift. Hi-five for me.

The temperature was in the single digits, that's Fahrenheit people. And this is the genius to walk a mile or so without her coat and only a sweatshirt.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll make it to thirty. Really.

Luckily the rest of the trip went fairly smoothly. My aunt is, I'm assuming since I haven't heard otherwise, back home in SoCal. My mom and I are back in the Ham.

And I was ready to go to bed over an hour ago. It's 9:30.

The best moment of the not so fun adventure came when I was talking to one of the many locals I trapped with my car.

I asked an older gentleman how he was doing today.

His response:
"The same as every other day, just fantastic. Any day I wake is a great day!"

I should try that attitude out a little more often.

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