Feeling a little confused

I know I've mentioned the state of the weather here at home a number of times (or maybe it was once or twice) over the past few days.

I just can't get over it.

It's just so weird, abnormal, out of place.

Normal winter weather patterns at home: snow followed within 24 hours with rain and highs of 40-50 degrees.

Current winter weather: it snowed over a week ago, hasn't been above freezing since and has continued to snow since.

We've probably gotten somewhere between a foot and a foot and a half. And in the real world, not this crazy White Christmas, Artic land, two inches is a lot over here. Enough to shut down school and send people to the store to stock up...just in case.


Not surprisingly, Lacey the Labrador is suffering from cabin fever. When the highs are so low and the snow is creeping higher, I've had trouble motivating myself to take her for walks or stand outside for long periods of time to play with her.

Sorry Lacey the Labrador!

On that note, I need to go layer up. Just looking outside makes me feel a little chilly. Shorts and a T aren't cutting it.

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