Schemer or Survivor

For those two or three or four or handful of readers that actually follow my blog regularly, you've been with me through the ups and downs of this fall. With more downs and uncertainty than ups.

(If you aren't an avid reader, I am by no means offended. You just might be a little confused by my references to the past.)

Recently, if you recall, I announced that I had found a job. Yay! We all jumped for joy.

However, the job only starts after I complete the training, which is unpaid. (Bummer, I know.) So I am still finding myself a bit strapped for cash. Just the reality that most of the nation is facing.

(Speaking of which, Costco here in town lost $230,000 just by being open yesterday. No one want to venture out in the snow to spend money.)

I also mentioned a while back that I was scheming to deal with my cash flow issues. Seeing as I graduated from college last spring I know have loans payments, on top of my car payments and other monthly expenditures - which doesn't include rent; thank heavens for living with the parents.

(This story is taking forever to tell. I apologize. But I'm not fixing it.)

One of my schemes came to fruition today. Sorta. Plasma donation. I had my initial session today. All two and a half hours. What a glorious time. I actually found it strangely relaxing once I got through all the necessary screening.

And I found out that I am very healthy. Although I could probably do with a little more iron and a little less fat and sugar in my diet, but couldn't we all.

So now I am $20 richer. All my cash flow issues are solved.

Obviously. Onto the next scheme.

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