Over the river and through the woods

Who spent over six hours alone in a car today? (My hand is raised.)

Who completely forgot to bring music? (My hand is still in the air.)

That's right. I spent hours in the car driving across the state with only the radio for company. Luckily, I didn't run out of radio stations, which is surprising considering I drove through the middle of nowhere.

I heard a whole spectrum of music, too. Soft rock, hard rock, classic rock, alternative rock, country, christian, latino, oldies, christmas. You name it, I heard it.

The only reason this was even an issue was the fact I was driving my parent's car. This was helpful when I had AWD over the snowy pass. But my car, Gweneth, has a nice stereo system that hooks up directly to my iPod. I've become pretty spoiled is what I'm saying.

I made it though, and I didn't go crazy.

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