The Sky is Falling

I live in a place that doesn't really get much snow. We get the obligatory snowfall each year. People freak out, schools are cancelled and then it melts within 24 hours.

Story of my life.

Currently, though, we are mid snowstorm. The temperature hasn't been above freezing in days, which is a long time here. There was even green grass showing this morning, but no longer.

Lacey the Labrador and I are quite housebound, and a little confused by it all. Doesn't she look annoyed.

This snow stuff is blowing all over, it's cold - making me want to consume large quantities of hot soup and cocoa, and it's come to a place that isn't really prepared to deal with it. (I think we have two plows for the entire city - not a pretty picture)

Let's just say that school is out for the holidays. There's no way we'll be able to dig ourselves out in the next couple days.

Lacey the Labrador and I are headed to bunk down with the fam, so we can all go stir crazy together. Three dogs, five people - sounds like a recipe for...disaster? insanity? hilarity?

I don't know, but we're going to find out.

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