Like coming home.

I am a 23 year old, college graduate who is without a job and currently residing in her parents' home.

However, I realized today that life isn't really that bad.

First, I've only been 'unemployed' for four days, and three of those was the weekend. And it was a temporary position so it's not as if I was fired. They actually asked me to stay a few more weeks, but I declined.

Second, I have my own room for the first time in over a year - sad, but true. I shared a room at the apartment at school, I lived in dorms, and then I crashed on a friend's couch for the summer. Now I'm back in my room with a queen size beds and beautifully painted walls. I even have my own bathroom for the first time in my life. It's pretty exciting stuff.

I am also making more money than I made in my previous position of employment. And I have fewer bills. That makes me a richer person, which isn't a bad thing. On top of that I also have more free time which I will eventually use to search for jobs.

I'm eating better. And probably more often.

The only real downside...it's colder here than I would prefer. And there's no pool for me to lay beside.

Guess I'll have to press on. I'm just happy to have found the silver lining of my current situation much thicker than I had realized.

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