Battle o' the Day

My body and at are battling, and while it feels like we are fighting each other, it is actually a group effort against an invisible foe.

Yesterday after sneezing multiple times and having to wipe a runny nose on my sleeve for lack of better alternative, I realized the a cold appeared to be imminent.

So made the logical choice and purchased cold medicine.

Then I preceded to attend a late night bonfire and wake up at 6:00 a.m. to drive/doze my way home.

The medicine was no match for the lack of sleep.

Now I am on the edge of full blown sickness, perhaps if I can hold on and get a really good night's sleep I can stay ahead, but in all reality I'll probably just get sick.

At least there isn't much for sickness to interrupt in my life right now and I have time to get lots of rest.

Ah, the silver lining of unemployment.

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