I am cursed, or blessed depending on how you look at it, with the tendency to get sucked into computer games.

Past obsessions include minesweeper (still a favorite), text twist, bookworm, solitaire, bubble trouble, sudoku, big kahuna reef...and the list goes on.

There is something so satisfying about spending countless hours chasing the ultimate goal (whatever it might be for the current game). And when I stop playing it's as if I am just waking up as time seems to pass without me even realizing.

It's like waking up except for the burning eyes from staring at the computer screen too long.

Currently I am into Mahjong Epic. I downloaded a free trial version onto my laptop and have kept the game open for the past day and a half to extend the trial because it's based on the number of times I open it up.

I am on level 23 out of I don't even know. I had to go back and check where I was because I had been playing with such intensity I had no clue how far I'd gone.

That's some commitment and perseverance if you ask me. Maybe I'll find a way to work into a resume or cover letter. That's a skill that could get me hired.

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  1. During the summer I was sucked into crossword puzzles on USA Today's page.
    I occasionally read your blog...when I remember to, but from what it seems like, your writing is getting better, which is pretty interesting to see.