A Haze, A Daze

I've had a number of ideas for quality blog posts in the past week or so. Unfortunately the cold I am fighting has muddled my brain enough, that my thoughts can't seem to come together coherently.

If I can tell it's not making sense, in this state, then it really isn't fit for publication.

Instead I leave you with a list of potential jobs I've been brainstorming in my quest to figure what the heck I am going to do with my life.


Possible Jobs:
-lemonade stand (although summer has faded into fall, so maybe I'll go with hot chocolate)
-dog walker (I recently saw a posting for a dog au pair needed in Amsterdam, count me in)
-house painting (only because I've recently improved my skills through tackling the exterior of my parent's house)
-any job that would have my travel the world (really, I'm just looking for a good excuse to travel)
-house sitter (similar to the dog business, but less hassle as houses need - generally - less attention
-stock broker (if the professionals lose that much money in a couple weeks, how hard can it be)
-lawn mowing (I've done it for six years, might as well throw in the towel and make it my profession)

As you can see, I am taking the job hunt very seriously. Employment is just around the corner. I'm sure.

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