Futbol Americano

Just as fall as finally kicked off, so has the football season, both professional and college.

Okay, so football started a few weeks ago, but you get my point.

The start of football season is one of my favorite times of year. Along with the start of basketball, March Madness (the absolute best month of the year), NBA Playoffs, any Olympic Games, well, you get the idea.

I am a sports fanatic.

Saturday dawned with the potential of a lot of lawn mowing, my current position of employment. That was until I realized it was wet and rainy and gross outside.

Trying to mow lawns in the rain is about as effective and trying to cut them using scissors.

Instead I have resigned myself to a day of watching football. It was a sacrafice, but somehow I am making it work and easing my pain with large quantities of food.

Unfortunately my team isn't very good this year. The Cougars are in the first season under a new head coach, a rough assignment for anyone except UCLA. The games have been pretty but somehow hope remains that the future will bring something better.

That is, if the new coaching staff can recruit a QB that can handle the no-huddle offense. For now we are all just grit our teeth and bear it. Or change the channel when it gets to painful to handle.

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