Stuff, more stuff and even more stuff

Yesterday I began the project of truly organizing and sorting all of the stuff that has accumulated in my room.

I have tubs of stuff, piles of stuff, shelves of stuff, and bags of stuff. Most of which has been crammed into my closet and left for dead. It's kind of been an evolving collection. As I have moved or transitioned or sorted, I have sent stuff home. My parents, in turn, have sent stuff to the closet.

I had been putting it off since I got home, and yesterday I finally felt prepared to deal with it.

So I began pulling things out. And then had to pile this crap on that crap. I shifted, restacked and still there are things that haven't even made it out of the closet.

This project could go on for a while.

At the same time I have also "found" or rediscovered a number of items. Yearbooks, hats, bags, books, pottery, footballs, stuffed animals. I seem to have it all stuffed into some corner of the closet.

I also managed to set off the bell that goes with the antique box phone in the closet. It took me about five minutes to figure out how to make the annoying clanging stop. Let's just say that that created quite the uproar.

Mostly everything is laying strewn about my room. I haven't had the heart to dive in this morning. I know that it is going to take days to sift through it all and, unfortunately, I have never been very good at throwing anything out.

But I'll give it my best shot. Maybe by the time we leave for Portland on Friday I will have made some headway.

Then again, maybe not.

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