Catching Up

I have opened up Blogger three or four times in an effort to write a new blog. It just hasn't happened.

I sit at my computer, playing a game, while trying to think of something to share.

Instead I draw a big blank. Writer's block, let's call it.

Today I had the chance to catch up with an old friend, one of the only people from high school I have really kept in touch with.

I have friends from when I was in high school, just not people I went to high school with. The only things I know about my classmates, I gleaned from Facebook.

My friend is leaving next week for an adventure. Like me she graduated this spring from college, but unlike me - at least for the next six months - she knows what she's doing with herself.

And I have to admit I am a little jealous.

So I think I might look into a short term adventure. How many times have I said that I want to travel, see some of the world, and that I am not sure what I want to do with my life.

I think one of these adventures, or DTS as it's better known, would be a great to do all of that.

So I am going to do some research, see what the possibilities are.

The truth is I am absolutely petrified of choosing some sort of vocation right now that could potentially stick with me the rest of my life.

So this could serve as a fun, yet intense, alternative. Why not, right?

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