I don't know if you remember or not, but earlier this summer I complained about not having a title at work. I was no longer an intern, I just was.

I thought that was rough, but today I realized my current situation is worse.

I went to the gym using a one-week guest pass my best friend's mom got me.

When I got there I had to fill out a liability form. I was cruising right along: name, check, address, check, occupation, um... I don't really have one. I could have put a brief description - college graduate who is mowing lawns and living with her parents while looking for some sort of permanent position - but it wouldn't fit in the box.

But instead I put student. Although I'm not really a student at all. I graduated in May, four and a half months ago, but since I was a quasi-intern all summer it seems as if I am just starting real life now.

Don't get me wrong. I am enjoying the freedom of my vacation so far. But it gets annoying to have to try to explain what I am not doing to everyone all the time.

Oh well, at least the woman at the gym said she would still give me student rates. Maybe if everyone will continue to treat me like a student I can pretend that I still am.

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