I have been a poor blogger this past week or so.

There are a number of excuses I could give for this: no good stories to tell (truth), too busy (a total lie), or laziness (also truth). But I'm not going to.

For the most part, life has been pretty boring. I spend a lot of time at home reading, hanging out with Mom and the dogs, and job searching (some).

Last night was a completely different story.

My friend is getting married next week and last night was the bachelorette party. I'm not quite sure if it's to mourn the ending of single-dom or celebrate the coming nuptials - although it probably doesn't matter much.

We were the large group in cheap white T-shirts decorated with puffy paint and wearing garters on various appendages.

We laughed uproariously, cheered the bride on, and made friends everywhere we went.

After dinner, we proceeded to make our way in and out of most of the bars downtown. The bride completed different tasks such as taking pictures with fiance look alikes and jumping in on random pool games. We focused on recording the events for posterity.

I networked, danced my heart out, caught up with old friends, laughed at the antics of others and avoided the creepers.

Overall a good time was had by all.

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