Sporting Fanatics

I was at my alma mater for a football game today. While the game was incredibly depressing, it also provided entertainment outside of the field of play.

College sports are an interesting phenomena. All these people converge on one location for a couple hours, and feel bonded because of it.

Especially where a went to school. A town that's population is only about 7,000 without the students. There's three main roads through town, and only one main highway leading in.

Basically it's in the middle of nowhere. On game weekends, the population doubles.

All these people return to town to watch the game. Even when we aren't good.

Everyone shows up wearing their crimson, to not quite fill the smallest stadium in the Pac-10 and feel a sense of togetherness.

It's a occurence in stadiums across the country. This sense of community stemming from some shared and not shared experiences.

Because when schools have anywhere from 20-40 thousand students, not everyone has the same experience.

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