Changing of Seasons

My mother and I made apple crisp today. To me that means that fall has arrived, even if it is a few days from being official.

Plus, the temperature dropped what seemed like 20 degrees even if it was only a few.

My dad and I were out mowing the lawns in our shorts and t-shirts as the rest of the population wandered the streets in their parkas and scarves.

As much as people love the summer - I really love summer - it seems to me that they really love the fall.

They relish donning their gloves, hats and scarves, holding their steaming mugs of coffee and watching the leaves fall to the ground.

But maybe I'm just reading into the actions of the entire population of Bham.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know that fall is here - unofficially.

I've celebrated by adding my down comforter to the layers of warmth on my bed. I should also close my window, but I am too warm and lazy to deal with that right now.

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