Tuscan Sun

I've decided I want to be Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun. Well, kinda.

First of all, I'm not much in danger of a divorce and a husband cheating. Luckily I'm single. And I'm okay on missing out on that part of the story.

But if any friends are looking for someone to take their gay tour of Tuscany and want to give me a first class plane ticket to boot...I wouldn't say no.

Then I could see romantic Tuscany and not even worry about getting hit on, as it was pointed out in the movie. And I would get the hat that says 'gay and away.' Who doesn't need one of those?

Mostly I just have an itch to travel so I'm pretty open to any options that present themselves. Especially if it turns out I can afford to buy a villa in Italy.

I think maybe I'll start with the hair though. I love her hair in the movie. Gorgeous.

Or maybe I won't do anything more than watch the movie. That's probably the best bet.

A great quote from the movie, to share the joy:
"Greedy Americans. You feel so entitled. You ruin everything."
"A lot of us feel really badly about that."

Oh, I wouldn't say no to being around hot Italian men, either. I'll take one for the team. The team being women.

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  1. my favorite movie! oh, how wonderful it would be to be Francesca...post divorce and post empty shell person speech by Sandra Oh of course. A lot of great quotes from this movie.