Be careful what you wish for...

Whoever came up with that phrase was a genius.

Less than two weeks ago I was over the snow. There was too much of it. It was everywhere. My car probably needs new tires and because of that struggled to make it's way around town.

Well, the snow is gone.

Unfortunately it has been replaced by feet of water, quite literally in some areas of town.

There is so much water roaming around town that schools were closed today. I couldn't get anywhere without some sort of unnecessary detour. My dad and I spent the entire afternoon dealing with a flooded basement and soggy boxes.

Maybe I'll take that snow back. Or not.

Seriously though, I'd give my eye teeth for a couple sunny days in a row. Wait, do I still have my eye teeth?

Anyways, apparently global warming doesn't just mean warmth. Or is this because of El Nino? I can't keep it all straight.

Either way things are out of control. Mass chaos and hysteria are taking hold in the hearts of all local citizens.

It was raining so hard last night that Lacey the Labrador wasn't interested in venturing off of the patio.

That's serious. Real serious.

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