Our family room is in complete chaos.

Furniture is stacked, shifted and bunched. Painting cloths are down. Crap is piled high.

We started the painting and rearranging of the room last week, prior to the Direct TV hook up. And it's just being completed this weekend. Hopefully tomorrow.

The Carolina blue has been covered on the walls, in its stead is a burnt orange.

All that's left is one more coat of paint on the end of the room and putting the furniture in its proper place. Hopefully tomorrow is long enough.

My mom, dad, Jamaica and I are all sharing one couch. Jackson is whining and pouting that there's is no room for him. His life is hard.

I really feel sad that there is no couch space for him. Really. My heart is breaking.

While we're close to having this room put back together, we have a to do list a mile long and chaos in many other areas.

Pick your battles, I say.

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