Night on the town

I went to 80's night with some friends yesterday. Here's what I observed, and it's something I've noticed at previous 80's night excursions.

No matter what song is played, people get excited about it.


The song will get 2-4 measures in and there are always a few people that get pumped up about it.

This is funny to me because most of these people only learned 80's music after the fact. Kids born in '88 can drink, and I'm pretty sure they weren't familiar with this music during the first two years of their lives.

I could be wrong though. Stranger things have happened.

I also think that if the DJ for 80's can't play mostly solid songs, he probably should retire.

Think about it. He (I suppose it could be she) has an entire decade of music to pick from. Just think of all the top billboard songs in one, let alone ten.

So if Mr. DJ doesn't play good music all night, basically he fails.

Two other important points: cheesy fries at two in the morning are delicious and I could use a nap.


  1. I used to host a lot of those 80's nights parties, but the cocaine bust kind of put a damper on things.

  2. I can't really remember the 80's so when I do go to 80's nights with my friends we are always having wicked flash backs depending on the song thats palying.

    Really like your blog. If you'd like drop by mine when you have a chance.