Important Stuff

A lot of big things happened today.

The country got a new president. My sister had a birthday.

But I was completely distracted by my contacts. Seriously.

I wear contacts about once in a blue moon. Probably only when I exercise.

I used to wear them all day every day. Part of it was how active I was playing sports. But it also seems as if my eyes have gotten more and more sensitive as I have gotten older.


I would much rather wear the contacts, although glasses can be a cute accessory.

I woke up this morning in a hurry to watch the inauguration and could not locate my glasses anywhere. I vaguely recalled setting them on my bed somewhere when I was reading last night. And without them it was a little difficult to search for them.

Quite the Catch-22.

So instead I grabbed my contacts and threw them in my eyes, literally. Ok, not really.

And left them in all day. By the time I got home tonight, I was blinking and itching like crazy.

Then I remembered why I don't make a practice of wearing my contacts.

Someday I'm getting that laser surgery done. Life will be good then. And I'll never have to worry about misplacing my glasses again.

Oh, and happy birthday Sis! I love you tons!!!

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  1. Can't you just sit really really close to the TV?