She was prepared for something, I guess.

So I was at Target yesterday with my dad.

No real surprise there. A lot of the excursions that my dad and I take involve shopping for something somewhere.

(Also, I like to keep my descriptions general and vague so they can apply to a lot.)

The trip itself was mostly uneventful. We didn't really find what we went for, but my dad got a cool olive oil jar thingy. (Have I also mentioned that I am really bad at descriptions?!)

The Moment came while we were in line at the checkout.

I was standing there (mostly) minding my own business when I happened to glance at the woman checking out in front of us.

There were panties in the pocket of her jean.


Not just why carry around spare panties, but also why in your pocket???

She had a purse, and that seems like a much more logical location to me. But I tend to think in a pretty linear fashion and maybe she doesn't.

Or....maybe she stole a pair of panties from target.

Maybe she doesn't have much money and is living out of her car and her daughter really needs new panties.

Or maybe she just stuck them there at some point in her and totally forgot about them. (If I were ever in this situation that would probably be my reason for panties in my pocket.)

It just made me wonder though.

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  1. Whatever the reason, I certainly hope they were clean.