Typing away.

I have been training for the past month or so for a new job. All of the training takes place on my own, with an instructor working with me over the internet.

The job is transcribing at a local college. I may have explained this before, but I'll go back over it for those of you who are new, haven't been paying attention, etc.

Transcribing involves going to classes and typing a transcript of what happens in the class for deaf and hard of hearing students.

This means I have had to learn a completely new way of typing, with a special program, to speed up my abilities and catch as much meaning as possible. I will be doing meaning for meaning, not word for word. Basically I'll take information and chunk it. Exciting, eh?

Today has been an especially frustrating training day. I'm stuck in a lesson and can't get out. So I am giving myself a break. Hopefully the break works.

I thought I'd give you a taste of how this typing work. Good luck figuring out what that gibberish below might mean.

life has bn rjr dprssg ltly, i'm not gg t lie i v no e t blm for js i'm prtty sure jt's jst how life wrks, but jt ds't mean i'm hppy abt k i d know i need t get out f js funk1 any ideas/

There you go. I'm not even sure I could translate that.

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  1. Might I suggest a short trip somewhere? A change of scenery is almost always helpful when trying to reverse a funk. However, it can understandably be cost prohibitive. Sometimes the best you can do is view things from a different angle. Stop looking for answers and start asking more questions; when you're walking down the street, look up at the sky instead of down at the pavement. Those kind of things.