A long time ago

If you've been paying attention this blog post was completely different yesterday. And by completely different I mean lame.

So I'm trying again. I've been in a bit of a rut lately, but I'm not going there because I hate sounding depressed.

Instead, attempt #2 at a post about an awesome person. May the force be with me.

Thursday was my best friend's birthday. It wasn't a special number - we're just old enough that birthdays don't really mean much, but young enough that it's still fun to celebrate.

We've been friends for approximately a decade. There was really no official start date, no one time that can be pinpointed. In some ways we sort of slid into the friendship.

Instead of getting all sentimental and sloppy, 'cuz that really isn't me, I want to share some of the memories/things that me make think of her. Enjoy.

-In high we went for a bike ride of a few miles - across busy streets, up and down hills. For some reason that adventure always just sticks with me.
-She used to drive my car around. I was just enough younger that the graduated license applied to me and not her. Boo (on the law and not her driving).
-Songs by Faith Hill and Steven Curtis Chapman.
-A certain road in town that is one of her favorites.
-Roadtripping down (and back up again) the entire Pacific coast, without stopping. And on the way back, in desperate need of a shower.
-A week in Florida spent sleeping in, laying by the pool, and shopping.
-Skinnydipping. 'Nuf said.

And so, so much more.

It's been fun and I am sure there is much more to come. I am SOOO thankful to have Cece in my life.

So thanks for being born...and happy birthday.


  1. Love the post...it made me think of memories with my own 'friend of a decade'. I think I will call her and reminisce. Thanks!