College Football

College sports really are my favorite, besides high school and Olympic and professional.

Seriously though, college sports are the best. And college football is right up at the top. Nothing can top college basketball in my book, but that should be a given.

I was watching the Fiesta Bowl tonight (Texas beat Ohio State in case you missed it) and was reminded what I really don't enjoy about college sports, in general, and college football, specifically.

The overplaying of fight songs, and really songs by the bands in general.

A couple years ago I worked a regional for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, a.k.a. March Madness, and by the end of the weekend the bands kind of made me want to slit my wrists.

It's just obnoxious.

And college football is worse because it provides so much time and so many opportunities for bands to strike it up.

During the second half the Ohio State band played their fight song every single time the Buckeyes made a good play. This annoying tendency was only amplified for me by the fact that my father's high school has the same tune for their fight song.

Sometimes I enjoy the band, but more often than not I'd rather have someone creating a soundtrack for the games.

And I don't mean the same old, same old pump up songs. But a little creativity.

That would be an awesome job. Sports soundtrack creator. Sign me up.

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