I am all about super powers.

Like, what super power would you want if you could only choose one?

I've debated this one for years...the power to heal, the ability to fly, x-ray vision. There are just so many good options.

Or finding super powers in inanimate objects.

For example, fire has the power to burn, ice has the power to freeze. Ok, maybe not all that super.

But certain things really do have powers. Take, for example, minivans.

You've never noticed the super power of minivans?! Perhaps that's because you aren't a single young woman driving around in one.

But I am. And I have discovered that minivans actually allow one to become invisible.

Seriously. It's like I'm cloaked in invisibility. No one, particularly males, take note of me. Don't even bother looking in my direction.

Think I'm joking?

Maybe you should try it for yourself.

On a completely unrelated note, Lacey the Labrador has curled herself between the couch, end table, and wall.

I don't know how she got there, or how she'll get out.

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