Cut off

For the first time in I don't how long, I left my computer behind this weekend.

Usually when I travel packing up the comp and dragging it along is reflex. I mean, who can stand to be so cut off for any period of time?! Particularly in this day and age.

But here's the thing...sometimes I get annoyed with the immediacy that we expect everything to happen.

Take cell phones for examples.

Now that they are commonplace we expect to be able to get in touch with everyone and anyone right away. Even if we have to leave a message it is assumed that we will receive a call back pretty quickly, within the day if not hours of the call.

I think back the the olden days when people only had a house phone and if you left a message you knew it might be a bit before you heard anything back.

I happen to be a contradiction of terms in this situation. I want people to get back to me quickly, but half the time I am forget to have my phone anywhere near me. But be assured that once I realize I have a message I do a decent job of getting back to you.

I don't know where exactly I am going with this monologue, except to say that I am back in the technological world of being connected almost continuously.

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