Dear Grey's Anatomy,

What in the world have you done to Izzy???

I am all for a little crazy. For twists and turns that keep the viewer (me) tuning in to see what might happen next.

But this is beyond a little crazy, beyond even moderately crazy.

This is crazy, crazy.

Really, Denny. Really.

It was one thing while he was hanging out in the operating room of the patient that Izzy essentially stole a heart from for Denny. Okay, I get him being there.

But he continues to hang around, and now they're having sex.


And although no one can see him, the sex is real enough that she's getting all sweaty.

I stuck by you through the Callie-trying-to-figure-out-being-gay thing, I like that you brought back crazy Army guy and have shown McSteamy's softer side, but I'm not sure I can follow you on this one.

Poor Karev isn't going to survive these crazy women either.

So either you pull out a sweet-looking bouquet from your crazy magic hat in the near future, or we may no longer be on speaking turns.

I mean, seriously.

I had imaginary friends when I was a kid - well, I didn't, but my sister did - and this is NOT the same.

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  1. I haven't watched Greys at all this season - she's really sleeping with a dead guy? This show used to be less soap opera-y; now it is worse than all the daytime soaps...it's just a once-a-week hit instead of every single day. Like that makes it better or something.