I've talked about my addictions in the past - shoes, games, food - but I don't think I've ever mentioned my music problem.

I love music.

I'm not going to claim to love it all. Techno drives me a little nuts, I can only handle classical and opera in certain scenarios, and different genres definitely suit me at different times.

But I could easily spend my entire life's savings on music (not that that is saying much at this point, since I'm mostly broke).

I was on iTunes today looking at new releases and drooled one, or two, or ten albums. Not to mention all the music released in the past months/years that I haven't had time to purchase/listen too. And I bought two CDs this weekend.

What can I say, music is pretty much awesome. Sometimes I wish my life had a soundtrack just like the movies do.

How much more fun would things be?! Plus, I would totally know when something bad was about to happen.

I might have to take that request up with God.

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