That's what day it is today. Although it's almost over. I like to remind myself of the day/date because I don't have much going on in my life to mark the passing of time.

I will say that I have been unemployed now for two months, 18 days, five hours and a couple handfuls of seconds - not that I'm counting.

(In reality I just did some mental math to figure that out.)

I was watching the 60 Minutes (not the most creative show title) interview with the Obamas tonight mostly by choice. It was a choice in the sense that I stayed in the room, but my mom would have watched it regardless of my presence. She sort of has a crush.

As I sat there watching the interview all I could think was, 'I wonder how Obama would look with a goatee?' No joke, that's what I was focused on.

I quickly dispensed with the idea of a beard or mustache, but I think he could pull off the goatee. I'm not sure he should but I think he could.

I also realized that Obama and I share in the unfortunate curse of initials.

Think about it. B.O. Bummer dude. Mine...EEW. As in eew, gross.

There aren't many people that can be saddled with such a handicap and still be successful. Well, at least one of us is. I mean, being president is kinda a big deal and all, but I actually got out of the house today. I did not put on a real bra though, so I guess I broke even.

Also, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition made me cry, like usual.

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