The time between day and night

You know the Twilight books, right?

I'm going to pause right here and say that if you don't perhaps you should go catch up on the latest. Take some time to browse through the internet. Do it.

Anyways, these books - which I have not read, and most likely will not read - are the latest craze. For teenage girls, for women who used to be teenagers, and I'm sure for many other individuals.

While I have no plans to read these books, I am not judging those who do. My literary choices are not always the most brillant. Believe me.

This is what I've ascertained about the books: they involve teenage love, the boy is a vampire, and they are set in Forks.

About that last point, I've been there. I don't really have any distinct memories, except of the middle school gym. But that's my claim to fame for the day.

I was actually close by this past weekend. Well, that may be a bit of stretch, but I was closer than I am now so that means something.

And the good news.

You too can visit Forks, and now there are tours and souvenirs (I'm sure), and who knows what other money-making schemes.

I'll say this about people, we definitely keep our eyes peeled for a chance to pocket some cash.

Since I'm lacking in it (cash, I mean), I don't really blame those enterprising souls.

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