Giving thanks

I was going to attempt the ABCs of my thanksgiving, but I quickly became overwhelmed and wanted to use the same letters over and over again.

Like 's', a lot of things I am thankful for start with 's', and 'f'.

Shoes, Stephanie, Steve, Sunshine, Summer, Socks, Sarah, food, family, friends, fun, fall.

Like I said, it was rough going.

I did have a good one for 'u', underwear. An obvious choice if you ask me.

Instead of the overwhelming ABCs, I'm just going to meander my way through my thankfulness.

My life is fairly blessed, unemployment withstanding, and today is great day to remember that.

I have great family, friends (many of whom are quite to far away), I don't want for anything - I have the basic necessities in life. Most importantly though, my life is full of love.

And so I am going to remember everything in my life by eating myself into a coma, sacrafice for the team.

In case you were wondering, I will be passing out on an unmade bed. That's right, I didn't make my bed last night. So sue me.

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