My eyes are heavy.

Being unemployed has totally upended my sleeping schedule. Most nights I couldn't even tell you what time I fall asleep. And it's not even that I have much going on.

Nope. I'm pretty much a book nerd. But don't ask me what I've read lately, after a while it becomes a blur.

Tonight after going to dinner and having a martini I find myself fighting to stay awake.


I have nothing to show for my days. I haven't done much. I filled out a couple employment applications and gave up on one because it was a little too much work for me. I'm not really looking for something permanent here. At least these applications aren't for something permanent.

But this feeling of exhaustion leaves me wondering what have I done with my life to result in this.

I don't get it.

Guess I'll have to sleep in tomorrow. Twist my arm.

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