Text Messaging

Everybody does it. Truly.

Well, expect my grandparents, but that's a different story.

Here's my problem though. I have not and probably will not get into or even appreciate the slang/shortening stuff that people use. Lack of punctuation, really.

Some of my least favorites:
'how r u?'
4 instead of for
ur instead of you are
run-on sentences that take forever to decipher - I know a period is not that hard.

I'm not asking for, or expecting, perfection.

But really people we are talking about a few seconds of your life. You lose more time sitting at red lights (probably texting then too, let's be real).

I get if you're driving and can't take your eyes off the road. But these phones are crazy cool and have word or T9 or whatever your version may be. The phone will actually spell the word for you.

Take a couple seconds and help yourself not become illiterate because your forgot what an apostrophe was. Really people.

Scoff all you want, but I am a woman who recently had four full sentences and also used the word approximately in a text. Completely spelled out.

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