Me and a spider

Let me start off by saying my mind is all over the place. Not that my life is that exciting, I just have a lot of thoughts.

I went off this weekend to celebrate my Grandma Thyrza's 90th birthday - an amazing and unique experience - which I will explain in greater detail after I've had a chance to recover from the madness.

I am also filled with thoughts of the slippery slope of temptation, which gets the best of us and can cause serious damage.

But mostly I want to leave you with the story of a spider, and I want to acknowledge that my title is improper English. It was on purpose. (Not entirely, but once I spotted it I was too lazy to fix it.)

When I headed to the bathroom for my nightly ablutions, I encountered a spider in the sink. Well, first there was one by the toilet and then one in the sink. I was basically accosted. I'm pretty sure they have all moved inside for the winter.

In an effort to alert the sink spider to my presence I turned on the water. All that did was trap the spider in the sink. Bad plan.

I obviously wanted him out, didn't want to touch him, but didn't really want to off him either. Dilemma.

Finally I decided to help him out by creating a toilet paper pathway up the side of the sink. He ignored it, or would use it to get partway but then slide down the sink.

I ended up dragging him out. He quickly scurried off to some dark corner, leaving me jumpy at the thought of a spider on the loose.

It got me thinking though. How often do I ignore help I am given?! Considering that I can be independent and quietly stubborn, probably more often than I think.

I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for toilet paper this week.

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