The Perfect Waterbottle

I have – or had – this waterbottle. I bought it a few months ago at REI. An REI, by the way, that was sadly lacking compared to those in the land where REI got it’s start.

But I digress, I really like this waterbottle. It was stainless steel, and pretty. Green with a sort of retro design.

I bought it before the news reports came out saying that Nalgene bottles aren't actually safe. Using it made me feel healthy and a little environmentally friendly.

I wasn't throwing disposable bottle after disposable bottle away. (As if I drink that much water anyway.)

Sadly, my Sigg bottle met its unfortunate end last night.

I have gotten in the habit of filling it with water and leaving it in the freezer to chill for a brief period of time. Last night I forgot I had put it in.

When I woke up this morning I remembered and took it out.

“That’s weird,” I thought after removing it. “There’s a large bump on the side. Did the water leak out the top?”

I turned it over to examine it and realized the expansion of the H2O caused the side of the bottle to actually split open. It wasn’t a chunk of ice, it was a large gaping, jagged hole in the side of my Sigg.

Shocked I set the bottle in the sink to thaw. Tonight I will give it a proper burial.

R.I.P. Sigg bottle. I will miss you.

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